Interdisciplinary Programs

African & African-American Studies

  • Minor or Certificate in African & African-American Studies
    Offering students the opportunity to engage with the histories, stories, and experiences of Africans and peoples of African descent around the world. These often-overlooked narratives can help us make sense of a globalized world, present-day socio-political issues in the US, and our own identities.

Appalachian Studies

  • Minor or Certificate in Appalachian Studies
    A multidisciplinary program that brings together courses taught by a diverse group of scholar-professors from the social sciences and humanities, art, environmental studies, social work, and health sciences. 

Applied Creative Thinking

  • Minor in Applied Creative Thinking
    Provides students the opportunity to develop and hone applied creativity practices and strategies through the application of creative thinking skills to solve problems, create change in organizations, and advance new ways of thinking, learning, and doing.

Asian Studies

  • Minor or Certificate in Asian Studies
    Providing students and faculty an opportunity to integrate Asian-centered courses in various disciplines into a coherent area of study examining the cultures, societies, languages, histories, religions and politics of Asians and peoples of Asian descent throughout the world.

Veterans Studies

  • Minor & Inter-Departmental Certificate in Veterans Studies and Concentration in Military Studies
    Offers a unique, multi-disciplinary program of study that provides veteran and non-veteran students a foundation of understanding regarding military structure, culture, combat, and the psychological and physiological changes resulting from military service. This first-of-its-kind program is dedicated to educating non-veterans and veterans alike about veteran issues.

Women & Gender Studies

  • Minor or Certificate in Women and Gender Studies
    Acquainting students with the growing research on intersections of gender, race, class, sexualities, and abilities and promotes active learning and social engagement