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Applicants to law school are accepted from all majors.  Students should focus on a major that interests them.  There are no prerequisite courses for entry into law school, but courses that emphasize critical thinking and enhance problem-solving, reading, and writing skills may help students perform better on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

Students typically apply for law school in the fall semester of their senior year, and must take the LSAT prior to being considered for admission to law school.  Thus it is important to plan ahead!  Students interested in law school are strongly encouraged to contact the Pre-Law advisor as early as possible in their college career to plan ahead for the LSAT and application process.

Students are also strongly encouraged to visit the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) website, which provides detailed information on the LSAT, the Law School Credential Assembly Service, and the law-school application process.  (Please note that individual law schools may require additional application materials beyond the Credential Assembly Service, so it is important to research each school to ensure that your application is complete.) The LSAC website also offers a free, searchable version of the LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, which provides detailed information on every ABA-approved law school in the United States.

For more information regarding Pre-Law, contact Dan Royalty.